First Atlantique

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zones-fao FAO 67 FAO21 FAO87 FAO77 FAO31 FAO34 FAO58 FAO48 FAO51 FAO88 FAO47 FAO51 FAO61 FAO27 FAO41 FAO71 FAO57 FAO81 FAO: Food and Agriculture Organization of the United States.
Organisation des Nations-Unies pour l'alimentation et l'agriculture.
First Atlantique :

First Atlantique

First Atlantique
27 place Allende
29600 Morlaix
Tel: +33.2 98 63 28 29
Fax :+33.2 98 63 30 27

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Upstream traceability and Approval

Quality controls and Analyses by the service Quality of EFBS  and ADRIA